Download COMPARATIVE FINANCIAL STUDY OF GREATER LONDON AUTHORITY (GLA) AND CITY DISTRICT GOVERNMENT KARACHI (CDGK) – Studying local government system has always been an enthralling experience. There cannot be denying the fact that local government is supposed to be close to the hearts of the citizens. Much of the problems of common men are attached to the efficient and avid performance of local governments. The pace of legal reforms, the distribution of powers, accountability progression and constant and untiring fiscal innovations and vigilance in English local government system have all contributed in creating the same impression. Since London is capital of U.K and commercial capital of the world, it has always faced criticism and usurpation of powers by the central government. Local Government Act 1899 is said to have aimed at reducing the powers of London County Council (LCC) as it strengthened the powers of boroughs. The same thing has happened with Karachi as being the provincial and commercial capital, all political forces whether at central or provincial levels, have been trying to usurp the functions and powers of Karachi Local Government system.