Download BUDGET CALL CIRCULAR AND THE PUNJAB FINANCE ACT (GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJAB) — While formulating the Budget Estimates for the Financial Year, it may kindly be appreciated that budget is not only an expression of numbers. Essentially, it is a policy statement of government’s estimated revenues and proposed expenditures and statement of policy objectives and priorities a department intends to achieve in a financial year. Finance Department has taken an initiative for discussions with Administrative Departments on Budget Estimates and a separate meetings will be planned separately so that Budget Estimates may be prepared as per Government priority and policy. Moreover, are budget seminars is also being scheduled in this regard enabling the Principal Accounting Officers to provide maximum support for the purpose. Departments should submit their budget estimates with detailed object wise by carrying out a detailed exercise in order to assess the needs for the next financial year to avoid seeking supplementary or additional grants at the very outset of financial year.