Download A MANUAL OF PENSION PROCEDURES – NEW (FEDERAL GOVERNMENT) — When a Government Servant is required to retire, revert, or cease to be on leave, on attaining a specified age, the day on which he attains that age is reckoned as a non-working day, and the Government servant must retire, revert, or cease to be on leave (as the case may be) with effect from and including that day. A periodical payment made by Government in consideration of past services rendered by a Government servant. Except when the term “Pension” is used in contradistinction to Gratuity “Pension” includes Gratuity. No pension shall be admissible to a civil servant who is dismissed or removed from service for reasons of discipline, but Government may sanction compassionate allowance to such a civil servant, not exceeding two-thirds of the pension or gratuity which would have been admissible to him had he been invalided from service on the date of such dismissal or removal.