Download A Guide to Performance Evaluation – PAKISTAN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION, RESEARCH CENTRE, MANAGEMENT SERVICES WING, ESTABLISHMENT DIVISION ISLAMABAD (Edition 2004) — The Performance Evaluation Reports are the most important document in the history of career of a civil servant. An officer’s promotion and retention in service mostly depends on what has been recorded in the PERs. Performance Evaluation  may be termed as a system of making judgments about performance of officials of various levels by their superiors in order to guide selections and other personnel decisions. The character roll dossier maintained for the purpose contains a systematically prepared and carefully assembled performance record of the official concerned. Since the Evaluation reports constitute an aid to selections for training, appointments / transfers, promotions, confirmations or screening of officials, it is essential that they are written most carefully. A reporting officer before he embarks on the report writing work should try to comprehend the characteristics listed in the Evaluation Report Forms. Similarly, the countersigning officers should scrutinise the report scrupulously, in accordance with the prescribed procedure before countersigning it.