Download  THE PUNJAB TRANSPARENCY AND RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2013 — It extends to the whole of the Punjab. It shall come into force at once. Applicant means a citizen of Pakistan or a legal person registered or incorporated in Pakistan, seeking information under this Act and includes a person authorized on behalf of the legal person. Information means any information held by a public body and includes any memo, book, design, map, contract, representation, pamphlet, brochure, order, notification, document, plans, letter, report, accounts statement, project proposal, photograph, audio, video, drawing, film, any instrument prepared through electronic process, machine-readable documents and any other documentary material regardless of its physical form or characteristics. Subject to the provisions of this Act, an applicant may, in the prescribed manner, exercise the right to information. The Commission shall prepare an annual report on the implementation of the provisions of this Act during a financial year and submit it to the Government by 31st August and the Government shall lay the report before Provincial Assembly of the Punjab.